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Instructions to panel moderators


In addition to the keynote addresses and regional overview, the Regional Conference on Money in Politics will feature five thematic working sessions.

Time Frame

Each session will be one and a half hours long (90 minutes).

Session Format

Depending on the topic, the working sessions will take the shape of interview panels, speeches followed by Q&A’s, panel debates and discussions. As a general rule, sessions should strive to be as dynamic as possible and lengthy speeches or presentations are strongly discouraged.

Working sessions shall be structured in a way that allows for the presentation and discussion of actual practice and the identification of knowledge gaps and good practice – all of which feeds into the overarching goal of providing concrete solutions for how to achieve sound political finance systems. It is important that each session clearly define its purpose, key questions and follow-up actions.

Conclusive discussion and closing remarks

Conclusive discussion will be about future of political finance.

The Conference will be closed with closing remarks by representatives of co-organizing institutions.